getting back to work

For the last year, I have mainly been taking care of our sweet baby, Minka. I have only been able to do a few pieces of design work over the last year. I love taking care of my little Minka, but I have so missed designing and illustrating. I have gained so much inspiration from my little girl. With every sketch, drawing and illustration that I work on, she giggles, sounds the animal sounds and loves everything I draw.

She is madly obsessed with owls, so I have so many owl sketches and illos made just for her. I hope to start posting some of my work progress. My goal is to make an owl book for her, hopefully turn it into a digital book/ipad app. She loves using the ipad, so an ipad app would be fun to make. I hope you enjoy seeing my progress. The last couple of years have been an amazing, blessed journey. I have more updates to share, so stay tuned.

Here is a quick shot of an owl illo sketch that I did this eve.


new illustration: waiting

I’ve been waiting on a lot of things lately, so the latest illustration is inspired by this.  I’m surrounded by mountains, farms and forests…and wildlife!  This new scenery has definitely effected my drawings.  Hope you enjoy this illustration.


Here is my drawing:


As you can see, I had an alternate intention with the trees.  I guess creativity took over.  I’m happy with both versions, but I painstakingly {lovingly} drew every single line in the bark of the trees.  Here is a closeup:

and a workspace process photo:

sketch process – rotation

Everyone loves some sketches, right?  Well, they are a favorite on my blog, so here is a post on the process I used to create some character sketches.

First I started with some simple head rotation: front, 3/4, side or profile, facing downward & upward.

Then I start working on adding simple body shape & hair and rough in features.  I use tracing paper b/c it’s easy to use the same head rotation as you see above. Another tip, I use clothes from my own wardrobe because they are familiar to me!  I’ve also started using photobooth for inspiration.  It’s easy to snap a pic of myself with my head turned in a certain direction. But, the point is to start off simple with few details and work your way through the process. {practice makes perfect}

I think my scanner is better for photos, so I may be shopping for a new scanner, since I mostly scan sketches & drawings. But, here is a scanned version of the sketch below: