wine crate project

The wine crate project is finished!  I recycled a wine crate into a media bin for newspapers, magazines, or any other storage item.  The crate was sanded, painted, stamped with a Greek design and varnished.  This piece is going to a local charity event and I am very happy to participate and lend my work to help out.

art showing

I wanted to post a few pics from the art showing on Friday. I had a few pieces of my photography and 2 paintings in the loft. I think there was over 100 people that passed through the open house and about all of my photo cards were taken, so I’m very happy that I made those.







Today, I am making promotional photocards for a show I’m having tonight. I made these for my last show and I think it’s a great way to promote your art. On the front of the photocard is a photo of the art and on the backside I put my logo and contact information. They are easy to make, I place 2 images on 4×6 paper and cut them in half.



The show tonight is at an open house in one of the downtown Knoxville lofts, the Commerce Lofts.  We installed a few paintings and photography in one of the lofts.  Every first Friday of the month our downtown galleries, shops, and restaurants stay open late to the public.  There is plenty of art in all medias, restaurant and drink specials, and live entertainment.  It’s also a great chance to meet local artists and for new and upcoming artists to display their artwork.


More updates!  Things have been going very well with matting & framing.  The last post showed a print that I am framing for an exhibit downtown this month.

here is a photo of the print in a hinged mat


here is the back of the framed photo, you can see the points holding the mat inside and i made these great little labels to put on the inside and the back of the finished frame


I really loved the quality of this frame.  Instead of the nielsen bainbridge frame kits, I used a pre-built frame from American Frame.

Here is the photo finished all matted & framed, archival quality, and for sale!


The photo will be in an exhibit downtown opening to the public on Monday.  Here is the advertisement:



Lots of good stuff happening around here!  As you can see lately,  I’ve shifted my work towards photography and painting, I find that I work in phases and it is best not to fight it.  First of the year, my work was geared towards graphic design and illustration.  I’m really excited where photography is taking me…I’ve entered several shows and it’s an exciting time for me.  The photo below was chosen for a juried exhibition show starting next month, it will also be for sale, if you want more info about the exhibition, please feel free to comment or email me. This is what I am currently working on…matting & framing the print below.

new print

I really love this print, so much that I have it hanging over my sofa.  The print is 16×24 and the finished size will be 30″x24″.  Stay tuned, I hope to update more often on my work progress.