sketch process – rotation

Everyone loves some sketches, right?  Well, they are a favorite on my blog, so here is a post on the process I used to create some character sketches.

First I started with some simple head rotation: front, 3/4, side or profile, facing downward & upward.

Then I start working on adding simple body shape & hair and rough in features.  I use tracing paper b/c it’s easy to use the same head rotation as you see above. Another tip, I use clothes from my own wardrobe because they are familiar to me!  I’ve also started using photobooth for inspiration.  It’s easy to snap a pic of myself with my head turned in a certain direction. But, the point is to start off simple with few details and work your way through the process. {practice makes perfect}

I think my scanner is better for photos, so I may be shopping for a new scanner, since I mostly scan sketches & drawings. But, here is a scanned version of the sketch below:


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