Paisley sketch for Illustration Friday

I did this little sketch this afternoon.  Drawing doodles and sketches like this is very therapeutic for me, I love drawing shapes. I didn’t plan for this sketch to be a face, but it very much looks like an abstract face to me.  Enjoy your Friday 🙂


4 thoughts on “paisley

  1. Sharon says:

    Very interesting site, love some of your fresh ideas. Including your paisley design, such
    pure, harmonious hues & feeling. Love the swirling forms. It is refreshing to visit an
    artist~photographers site without all the complication.

    I am an artist~photographer myself, working in divese medium & media. I also love your
    decoupaged travel panel, I’ve worked in decoupage too, with hand painting in my own folk
    art style & decoupaging food tins, terracotta pots, wooden objects. Art & Craft is work in
    progress, but can be trully therapeutic.
    All the best with current & future projects, thanks for the inspiration
    I’d love to live near snowy mountains but it’s not happening where I am in Australia.

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