matting & framing

I’ve spent quite a bit of money on having my prints framed & matted, so I have been doing research and studying DIM (do it myself!) ways.  I first learned how to cut mats in my photog classes in college, but it has been awhile, so I freshened up the process by reading lots of online advice ( and a good book, Mat, Mount, and Frame it Yourself.

in the box all wrapped up.  40″ Logan 650 mat cutter

32×40″ mat boards and foam core backing boards.

I have a lot of prints, drawings and art for myself, as well as others to mount and frame.  So, hopefully soon you will be seeing more photos of my process.  I’m also curious to how I’m going to set up my workspace in our loft.  This is quite a large piece of equipment so I hope to find a space that will work in this environment.

For now, I’m gathering my equipment and supplies needed.  First step is figuring out how to put the mat cutter together!


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