down the street…

and around the corner for breakfast this morning at Java @ 10:15 am

i had an americano & cranberry scone


3 thoughts on “down the street…

  1. squarebrackets says:

    Wow, your stuffs pretty good
    I don’t have that much photography
    on my blog, [even though it’s pretty
    much the only thing im good at]
    just got mainly polaroids.

    Wish I could draw though, anyways
    just thought I’d say that I liked your
    stuff, especially this photo =]

  2. squarebrackets says:

    I seriously can’t, lol
    I have tried and tried
    over the years but
    just can’t seem to
    get the pencil to do
    what I want, lol.

    Good luck in all the
    things that you’ve got
    going on. x

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