2nd martini painting

this is the second painting, a red delicious cosmo. (the two paintings were photographed at different times)


Cosmopolitan Martini
acrylic on canvas
9″ x 12″


4 thoughts on “2nd martini painting

  1. eli says:

    Nice piece! You handle paint well. You may have done this intentionally for stylistic reasons, but in reality the ellipse on the top of the glass would have rounded, not pointed, edges. The martinis make me thirsty, well done!

  2. melissa says:

    thanks! i’m just a beginner with painting and i learned quite a bit from these 2 pieces. all the painting i did in art school was mostly just for learning the fundamentals. i appreciate your critique and i’m glad you noticed that. i think i may have tried to get more of a “rim” and in doing that made the edges more pointy, i was surprised how different the two look.

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