happy valentine’s day

I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine’s Day. Today I was making a couple of Valentine’s and I thought I would post the one I made for my little girl. It’s a sweet Valentine heart with a little colorful bird. For my daughter’s version I added her name on the bird’s wing.



I hope you enjoy, feel free to download the Valentine’s day card for your special one. Download pink card here and Download blue card here

wings: IF

Here’s an illustration for Illustration Friday’s theme Wings. My illustration only  has one wing, but it will do for this week! I drew this last year before my little girl was born. For her woodland themed room, I framed vintage illustrations of different types of birds. This is an illustration of a Barn Owl that I added to her little collection.




This illo is part of a bigger project that I am working on, but I couldn’t help but enter it for this week’s Illustration Friday theme. The theme this week is Edge. This little owl has her friends around as she takes a big leap off the edge of the branch.





new year


I have already set several goals for my personal life, as well as, my ‘work’ life. I, of course, want to be a better wife, mother and friend. I’ve set career goals, like more iphone/ipad apps, crank out more illustrations, and paint more for myself. This WAHM thing is new to me. I love taking care of my little girl, and I will just have to be better at allowing and finding myself some time to work. Work more efficiently when I have the time. I’ve been reading many other blog posts and it seems many of you are feeling the same. Especially in wanting more time. I made my list of priorities yesterday. Today, I read a great post that made me rethink my list. I think I was short-changing myself with my list and I’d like to take a closer look at discipline in different areas of my work life. The post I read earlier linked to another site with a great quote.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle

I think that is a great quote to start the year.



snowy owl illustration

Down to the last day to submit to Illustration Friday. I started working on this illustration last week, but I set it aside to help my husband with an iphone app. I also have been busy Christmas shopping and somehow I have been talked into starting crossfit. Such a busy week, but excuses aside here is a quick illustration for Illustration Friday’s topic Snow. My little girl is really loving my owl illustrations, so be prepared to see more of them. Hope you enjoy!



Snow Owl

getting back to work

For the last year, I have mainly been taking care of our sweet baby, Minka. I have only been able to do a few pieces of design work over the last year. I love taking care of my little Minka, but I have so missed designing and illustrating. I have gained so much inspiration from my little girl. With every sketch, drawing and illustration that I work on, she giggles, sounds the animal sounds and loves everything I draw.

She is madly obsessed with owls, so I have so many owl sketches and illos made just for her. I hope to start posting some of my work progress. My goal is to make an owl book for her, hopefully turn it into a digital book/ipad app. She loves using the ipad, so an ipad app would be fun to make. I hope you enjoy seeing my progress. The last couple of years have been an amazing, blessed journey. I have more updates to share, so stay tuned.

Here is a quick shot of an owl illo sketch that I did this eve.